PkOwnage World 1 ECO, World 2 Spawn!

World 1 Eco

PkOwnage offers a great RSPS experience with extra attention to detail such as complete points system tasks like Skilling, for Bossing, Slayer, Voting and Trivia giving players the ability to earn drops without just grinding forever like you would need to on the real game. Explore OldSchool RuneScape like never before! Huge Map, tons of content to follow as you level up and progress in the game!

All Skills Working

Competitive Highscores, OSRS Skill Pets & All Skills work to Achieve that Max Cape and feature on our highscores!

Iron Man

All 3 Ironman Modes, Normal, Ultimate and Hardcore. Test your Knowledge and willpower in this Epic Solo Game Mode. Can you become the top solo player?

Modern OSRS Server

#178 OSRS Data - Economy Server, no spawn or Master! - Vote 4 Donor System! - Custom Edgeville Home - Ingame Top 10 PVP Highscores - Player Profiles - Player Owned shops - 3 Ironman Modes - 25+ Bosses and 50+ Pets - Minigames - Custom & Chambers of Xeric Raids!

World 2 Spawn PK

Rimmington Home, Wilderness close by! Easy access to Edgeville & Other loveable Pk areas around the map! 10 Second Safe timer to Exit the Wilderness. Player killing System with Rewards & Killstreaks. Spawn all your favorite items such as the Korasi's Sword, Chaotic weapons, TokHaar-Kal once again!

Intense PVP Action!

Login and PK! Use the ::commands to learn whats available then you can will be almost instantly ready to 1v1 a friend to see who's Top Dog!

Original 2014 Base

This server is getting old now, in fact it was the original server base when PkOwnage really took off and reached many players worldwide, all enjoying the same great game!

Older than 'Oldschool'

From its time, PkOwnage had awesome point systems to the killstreak reward system and special attack recovery from defeating your opponent, PkOwnage had a vision to stand out as a great PK Server in 2014.